Tuesday, April 24, 2007

...New Projects...and obsessions!

So lately I have become really into beach or market style bags... and it has made me test the newfound crochet skills!
I just completed one bag, in neopolitan pink, white and brown, with a nice open network pattern. I will post a photo when I have a chance. The bag's original purpose was for me to use as a purse for Coachella, but I thought the colors would clash with what I am taking to wear...so it is now my new farmer's market and beach bag!

Currently, I am working on a black crochet bag that will sort of be a combination messenger bag/purse/backpack. I am still working on the design of it, but it is slowly shaping up to be pretty cool. The bag part is about halfway done, and I have to finish that, then make a flap and a strap. And I have to do this by tomorrow night. Yeah. We'll see if this works out.
Well I'd better get back to my crocheting because time is running out on this bag!!

Promise to post photos soon!!

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