Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back to the crafting.

So I have made myself a great new year's resolution, well a couple actually! I am hoping that they work out, but we all know how resolutions go so my hopes are not too high, but I would like to have some good days making things this year.
Basically, my major resolution this year is to do some stashbusting and make a jewelry piece or 2 each week of the year. Along with that, I am feeling like this is the year for me to really begin my etsy shop.

This first week of the year I am devoting to finishing up a couple patterns I had been working on in 2009. The first is a pattern from the Bead and Button book "Seed Bead Saavy". The pattern is called "Ecuadoran Lace Weaves". It is a beautiful pattern but very intricate and takes a while to bead each row. I am beading it in a beautiful light seafoam green Czech seed bead. At this point, it looks as if I will have an entire hank of beads leftover, seeing as I am 3 rows from finishing!

The other is from a recent Bead and Button magazine, August 2009, called "Triangle Waves". This project was to be a Christmas gift for my mom...however, I have failed on that end as it is still not done!!

My goal is to finish these two patterns before next week, when I will start my first project. Most of the weeks I will be beading bracelets or necklaces, but some weeks I have decided to focus on earrings, and some weeks I have decided to focus on random projects that I have always been interested in.

So here's to 2010, learning new beading techniques, and making beautiful things! I'm totally looking forward to it!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Insane swap project fun!

I have really gotten back into swapping on Craftster lately! So I figured that some photos of my new projects should get posted.
So without further ado, here they are!

*Fabric book cover

I made this for a reading/books swap I did, it was pretty easy in the end, but it was tricky to figure out how to make it sizable for other books.

I decided to go with making the width part the resizable part and, by using some velcro on the back flap, it worked out quite well.

*Felt flower headband/necklace/bracelet

I really liked how this one turned out. So much that I am thinking of making more to sell in my newly made etsy shop (not yet open). You can wear it in your hair as a headband, around your neck as a choker, or wrap it around your wrist a few times for a bracelet.

Alright, well apparently I didn't take photos of the other items! But I am currently working on 3 swaps, so I will be sure to post photos for those....

I am also working on a knit/felted dice bag for my fiance (hope to see photos soon), a pair of knit socks from the book Knitting Lingerie Style, and various sewing projects as I have just gotten a sewing machine recently.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

...New Projects...and obsessions!

So lately I have become really into beach or market style bags... and it has made me test the newfound crochet skills!
I just completed one bag, in neopolitan pink, white and brown, with a nice open network pattern. I will post a photo when I have a chance. The bag's original purpose was for me to use as a purse for Coachella, but I thought the colors would clash with what I am taking to it is now my new farmer's market and beach bag!

Currently, I am working on a black crochet bag that will sort of be a combination messenger bag/purse/backpack. I am still working on the design of it, but it is slowly shaping up to be pretty cool. The bag part is about halfway done, and I have to finish that, then make a flap and a strap. And I have to do this by tomorrow night. Yeah. We'll see if this works out.
Well I'd better get back to my crocheting because time is running out on this bag!!

Promise to post photos soon!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Current projects...and other goodness...

So I have a few projects in progress right now...

The one which needs to get finished first (that wouldn't you know it, I am putting aside to work on stuff for me! Yes I am that bad...), is the baby blanket I am making for friends of Matt and I. They were initially due on the 21st, so I was like, aww I SO have time to finish this!! But alas, they had to go and have the baby about 2 weeks early! So now there is a new baby and its blanket is only a third finished...oops... Well I am certain it will be appreciated late or not.

The first attempt at the blanket was in crochet (which I am still fairly new to), and the edges looked horrible!!! As Matt says, it looked like a parallelogram (yes, Matt likes to poke fun at how I could have a museum of sad crafted items that somehow didn't quite work out). However, the knit version looks MUCH nicer, so it is going to be worth losing the hours I had already put in on it.

Other than the blanket, I am also making a super punk rawk skull and crossbones scarf for my sister's roommate who will be joining us for Christmas. Hopefully it can get finished in time because it looks amazing and she will love it!!

The last thing I have in progress right now is the Amelia Earhart hat that I found some folks knitting on craftster. The actual pattern can be found here
I love it because it is a pattern that goes line by line, so I can check off each row as I complete them. (I am such a knitting nerd!)

Well, I will be sure to post as the projects are finished up.

Also, I've got a felted bag to start on after the holidays, as I received my magic yarn ball from the swap and now have beautiful new wool and handspun yarn to play around with!


Monday, December 11, 2006

First post-able project...

So I recently made a bunch of stuff, mainly for craftster swaps, but yeah I forgot to photograph most of it alone...
Also, I made a really super cool zebra print Nintendo DS case for my sister, but alas, I have already wrapped it for christmas!!! So here is the first project I have to show off...

It is a super cute, going-out/evening bag!! And my first felting project too.
It wasn't too difficult, but it was knit on DPNs, so it was quite an adventure! I really enjoyed the beaded part of it too, so I might have to take on another beaded/knit project soon.

The pattern is from here:
You can also see a photo of it with a beaded bow (which it was supposed to have also, but I wanted to keep it pretty simple). Overall, a pretty intermediate project, as the shaping can get a little crazy, but definitely turns out well!

The only advice I would give if you were interested in making this pattern is that you have a set of 5 - 10.5 DPN needles (as it would've been useful to know before I started!), and that you cast on fairly loosely as you will pick up the cast on stitches later in order to knit a side of the bag.

If you decide to craft this purse, you should post a photo so I can see how yours turned out!


Thursday, December 7, 2006


Since I have been in a CRAZY blogging (and crafting) mood lately.... here is a new one!
I hope to post photos of things I have recently made as well as things that look like good ideas.
So here goes...