Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back to the crafting.

So I have made myself a great new year's resolution, well a couple actually! I am hoping that they work out, but we all know how resolutions go so my hopes are not too high, but I would like to have some good days making things this year.
Basically, my major resolution this year is to do some stashbusting and make a jewelry piece or 2 each week of the year. Along with that, I am feeling like this is the year for me to really begin my etsy shop.

This first week of the year I am devoting to finishing up a couple patterns I had been working on in 2009. The first is a pattern from the Bead and Button book "Seed Bead Saavy". The pattern is called "Ecuadoran Lace Weaves". It is a beautiful pattern but very intricate and takes a while to bead each row. I am beading it in a beautiful light seafoam green Czech seed bead. At this point, it looks as if I will have an entire hank of beads leftover, seeing as I am 3 rows from finishing!

The other is from a recent Bead and Button magazine, August 2009, called "Triangle Waves". This project was to be a Christmas gift for my mom...however, I have failed on that end as it is still not done!!

My goal is to finish these two patterns before next week, when I will start my first project. Most of the weeks I will be beading bracelets or necklaces, but some weeks I have decided to focus on earrings, and some weeks I have decided to focus on random projects that I have always been interested in.

So here's to 2010, learning new beading techniques, and making beautiful things! I'm totally looking forward to it!