Monday, December 11, 2006

First post-able project...

So I recently made a bunch of stuff, mainly for craftster swaps, but yeah I forgot to photograph most of it alone...
Also, I made a really super cool zebra print Nintendo DS case for my sister, but alas, I have already wrapped it for christmas!!! So here is the first project I have to show off...

It is a super cute, going-out/evening bag!! And my first felting project too.
It wasn't too difficult, but it was knit on DPNs, so it was quite an adventure! I really enjoyed the beaded part of it too, so I might have to take on another beaded/knit project soon.

The pattern is from here:
You can also see a photo of it with a beaded bow (which it was supposed to have also, but I wanted to keep it pretty simple). Overall, a pretty intermediate project, as the shaping can get a little crazy, but definitely turns out well!

The only advice I would give if you were interested in making this pattern is that you have a set of 5 - 10.5 DPN needles (as it would've been useful to know before I started!), and that you cast on fairly loosely as you will pick up the cast on stitches later in order to knit a side of the bag.

If you decide to craft this purse, you should post a photo so I can see how yours turned out!


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librarylass said...

I love that felted bag! if I had more feltable wool in my stash (and a faaarr shorter list of wips or future wips) I'd be all over it.

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